Project Management Office

The PMO was established to improve the overall success of projects across the university by offering Project Management, Change Management and Business Analysis support to departments across the university.

The success of a project can be identified as:

  • delivering the outcomes and benefits required by the university
  • implementing deliverables that meet agreed requirements
  • meeting time, budget, and scope targets
  • involving all the right people
  • making best use of resources in the university
  • taking account of changes in the way the University operates
  • managing any risks that could impact success
  • delivering the outcomes and benefits required by the university

Projects are different from the normal operation of PSU in that they:

  • have specific objectives to deliver new benefits to the University.
  • may introduce significant changes to the way the business operates
  • create new outputs/deliverables that will enable benefits to be realized
  • have a specific, temporary management organization and governance arrangements set up for the duration of the project
  • are susceptible to risks not usually encountered in the day-to-day operational work of PSU
  • involve a range of stakeholders from different parts of PSU and beyond

Here you can find out information about PSU PMO guidelines and how to request a new project and the approval process, and how PMO can support project managers to run and successfully close projects, and all templates that project managers needs throughout the different phases of projects.

Should you have any questions, please contact the PMO Office as shown in the Contact US tab.