A field trip to EV Expo 2022 for students of Electrical Engineering

A field trip was arranged to the largest electric vehicle event in Saudi Arabia hosted by EV Auto
Show for electrical engineering students as per the Saudi vision 2030 and united nations
sustainable development goals (SDGs).
The EV Auto Show is a global exhibition of the newest developments in the electric vehicle
sector. Its principal objective is to promote and establish a zero-emission environment on a
global scale.
On November 2, 2022, Dr. Umashankar Subramanian, Electrical Engineering, College of
Engineering, organized and oversaw the electrical engineering students' tour to the EV Auto
Show, which was held in Riyadh. By stopping by the booths of well-known organizations like
Lucid, Zahid Group, and others during the event, the students have learned a variety of things.
The two primary things the students were interested in were the charging stations and Lucid.
The competition in the market for EV charging stations was brought to light by the students,
therefore it comes down to the:
● Durability
● Voltage
● Current
Many of the students were drawn to the Lucid vehicles because of how different sorts of motors
were employed in them depending on how well they performed. Having said that, the students
also saw that Lucid Motors utilised batteries. It essentially consists of several small battery cells
joined together to provide a sizable battery pack that might power the vehicle itself.
The students now have a better understanding of how electric vehicles will eventually dominate
Saudi Arabia's transportation sector. Additionally, it enabled students learn about cutting-edge
technology such as battery energy storage, sustainable energy technologies, and the powertrain
and drivetrain of electric vehicles.