The College of Law Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Mawaddah Charitable Association

The College of Law Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mawaddah Charitable Association that aims to support joint cooperation in the areas of common interest in line with the scope of the memorandum and general cooperation areas. The memorandum included different cooperation areas, such as temporary training for students in fall, spring, or summer semesters, cooperative training as one of the graduation requirements, which will be a continuous seven-month training. Also, it included developing joint projects and research, organizing academic conferences, meeting, seminars, and joint workshops. In addition, organizing online or on campus training courses for the college’s faculty, staff, and students. In addition, refereeing courses, developing academic courses and curricula, and sponsoring and participating in conferences and events. 

On the other hand, the Dean of the College, his Excellency Dr. Abdulaziz Al-twajiri stressed that this memorandum is an extension of the college’s keenness to communicate with its surroundings, especially with non-profit civil society institutions, such as Mawaddah Association. This memorandum aims to activate the role of the legal clinic in the college by enabling the students enrolled in the clinic to provide legal counseling services, and plead for those in need referred by the association. It should be noted that the legal clinic at Prince Sultan University obtained the first license as a private university in the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia.