Strategic Plan of Prince Sultan University for 2018 - 2023

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President's Message

Dr. Ahmed Yamani, PSU President

Prince Sultan University (PSU) is a leading non-profit private university in the Middle East. According to QS Ranking (2018), PSU is ranked as the top non-profit private university in the Kingdom and one of the top ten private universities in the Arab Region. To achieve our vision, we have historically aligned PSU strategic plans with its mission, accreditation standards, and best practices at private higher education institutions around the world. As the first private university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, PSU leaders formulated the first strategic plan during the “Growth Phase” to strengthen the infrastructure of PSU. The plan consisted of actions to establish quality programs, recruit faculty, graduate exemplary students, obtain resources with developmental key result areas described under the acronym “PURPOSE” (2006-2011). During the second decade, PSU leaders developed a second strategic plan which focused on taking the lead as a higher education institution and having a greater impact on society. The second plan enshrined more elements of PSU’s vision statement during the “Development Phase” with its ambitious themes under the acronym “LEADER” (2012- 2017).

As we prepare to celebrate twenty years of success and transition into the third decade of PSU, we will embark on the “Sustainability & Initiatives Phase” with its research-based themes described under the acronym “EMPOWER” (2018-2023). This plan will move PSU from first to best by promoting PSU's model of excellence in private higher education. We will continue to open the doors for new learning opportunities, to showcase adroitness in the use of modern technology, and to infuse research into the teaching and learning process.

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