Frequently asked questions

Policies & Procedures

Where can I find PSU policies and procedures?
PSU Policy Manual is available on the PSU website.
What are the procedures for requesting a new policy or revising an existing policy?
In order to request new policy or revise an existing policy, you should follow the process and procedures mentioned in the Policy of Policies
Who is responsible for updating the Policies & procedures Manual?
PSU is the owner of all the policies.QAC under the umbrella of DQAD being the custodian of the Policies is responsible for updating the policy manual.

Quality Standards

What does ETEC-NCAAA stand for?
Education and Training Evaluation Commission- National Center for Academics Accreditation and Assessment.
What is the Saudi Arabian Qualification Framework (SAQF)?
The SAQF is a framework that is intended to support the development of skills and competence for transforming economy, personal development, mobility and employability and drive career paths, including improved opportunities for transferability between academia, training and employment.
What are the learning domains of SAQF?
Skills (as application of Knowledge)
Competence (as application of Knowledge and Skills in a practical workplace, expressed by Autonomy and Responsibility; Practice; and Attribute).
What are the quality documents that need to be prepared from the programs?
  • Program Specification
  • Annual program Report
  • Course Specification
  • Course Report
  • Field Experience Specification
  • Field Experience Report
  • Annual Action Plan
  • Program Learning Outcome Assessment Plan
  • Annual Assessment Report
  • Trend Analysis of the Survey Results
  • Trend Analysis of the KPI results
  • NCAAA- Template B
Is there any timeline for the program chairs to submit the required documents?
Every Program Chair should follow the DQAD calendar for submitting important program documents.
How many Accreditation Agencies does the PSU follow?
For Institution: ETEC-NCAAA
For program: ETEC-NCAAA and the international Accreditation Agencies specific to their programs e.g AACSB for College of Business Administration.
Where can I find NCAAA Standards for the Institution and the Program?
The NCAAA Standards are available on the website. Refer to DQAD → QAC web page.
Is there any difference between the ETEC-NCAAA program templates for the undergraduate and graduate programs?
Yes. There is a slight difference in the program standards as well as program templates. Refer to DQAD → QAC web page ( for accessing the templates for the undergraduate and graduate programs.
Where can I find NCAAA Program and Course templates and the guidelines for complete the documents
All the templates are available on the website. Refer to DQAD → QAC web page.
When should the department expect the survey and KPI results?
The KPIs available on the Program Dashboard in week 5 of every fall semester.


What NCAAA documents are the faculty responsible for?
A faculty member is responsible for preparing
  • A course syllabus in the beginning of an academic semester.
  • Acknowledgement of Course syllabus and Academic Integrity in e-form
  • Submission of an e-course folder at the end of an academic semester.

In addition to that, the faculty member is responsible for assisting the course coordinator in preparing a new or revising the existing
  • Unified course specification.
  • Combined course report.
What NCAAA documents are the program chairs or coordinators responsible for?
The Program Chair is responsible for preparing:
  • The Program Specification and
  • Annual Program Report supported by the Quality and Curriculum Committee at the program or department level.
What NCAAA documents are the coop coordinators responsible for?
The COOP Coordinator at the college or department level is responsible for preparing:
  • The Field Experience Specification (FES) and
  • Field Experience Report (FER).
Can a course instructor change the course specification during an academic semester?
No, Any changes in the course specification can be made only after seeking the approval of the course coordinator, Curriculum Committee and finally the department or the college depending on the type of changes (minor or major).
When should the program chairs prepare NCAAA template B?
The program chair should prepare/update template B by week 5 of every semester. This will ensure all new faculty members are included in the template.
Whom should I contact if I have to address any quality issue other than my immediate supervisor?
Answer:You can send an email to or contact QAC Directors, Mr. Reda Al Oufi, and Ms. Roohi Jan,
Is there any online platform where I can anonymously address my appreciation or quality concerns?
Yes, you can access the link “Your Voice Matters” on DQAD → QAC webpage or you can use E-suggestion box.

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