About Central Library


Central library aspires to be a leading private university library, with quality user-centered learning resources, cutting-edge IT facilities and incessantly developing and responsive information services to support education and scholarly work.


Central Library’s mission is concurrent with the university’s mission. It supports the University's mission to provide first-class education and life-long learning. To achieve its mission, library acquires, organize, preserve and provide access to relevant information resources in variety of formats to meet teaching and research needs of PSU community.


The values are listed below:

  • Transparency
  • Privacy protection
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Service delivery
  • Justice

Quality Policy

The Central Library adopts the establishment and implementation of an integrated system for quality management while providing its work in accordance with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001: 2015. As well as the University’s strategic directions and objectives, and the regulations and instructions applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, it aspires to achieve excellence in providing its work and services that raise the performance to the international level and global standard to meet the quality requirements and the beneficiaries’ expectations. The Central Library undertakes effective application, maintenance, periodic review, and evaluation of the system to achieve continuous improvement.


The primary objectives of Central Library are:

  • Provide access to quality, up-to-date, user-centered information resources, facilities & services, attuned to PSU articulated vision of becoming the leading private university in the Middle East and providing quality education.
  • Collect information resources in all formats to fulfill information, research and teaching needs of PSU community.
  • Maintain and upgrade physical and technological infrastructure and acquire cutting edge IT to enhance the quality of services.
  • Satisfactorily meet the requirements of accreditation and quality standards.
  • Work closely with users, involve them in assessing the adequacy of information resources and services, and utilize their feedback in planning and improving resources and services.
  • Enhance students’ ability to evaluate information quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Resources at PSU Central Library

Circulation Collection

Circulation collection consists of material that can be checked out by authorized PSU users. The circulation material can be books and other materials like, audiovisuals, theses, Co-Op reports and journals. Library circulation collection includes titles in, English, Arabic, Spanish, French and other foreign languages. Open shelf system is used at PSU Central Library for circulating material for easy searching and browsing.

Reference Collection

The reference material at PSU Central Library is carefully selected collection of dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, directories, glossaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, manuals, guides and yearbooks. This is in-library use material.

Reserve Collection

Reserve collection is a material that teachers use as textbooks. It is heavily demanded by users for borrowing. PSU Libraries design efficient access and control over the material. Reserve Collection is not stagnant material so it is maintained and updated on regular basis. At PSU Central Library, the material in reserve collection is lent for a limited time period so that all students get equal opportunity to borrow.

Co-Op Reports

These are kind of project/internship reports that students prepare while working in government, private business, industry, and human services during their final year of study at PSU. The graduating PSU students have to submit the Co-Op reports in hard form to fulfil the requirement of degree. Central Library has a separate corner to house these reports. The reports can be used within the library premises or borrowed for a limited time.

Print Journals

Central Library subscribes to print journals covering subject areas of PSU academic programs. Journals can be borrowed for a limited time period. The archive of subscribed print journals is preserved in bound volumes.


PSU Libraries provide access to a variety of subscribed electronic resources (e-resources) to fulfill the teaching and research needs of faculty and students. These resources include books, journals, reference sources, dissertations, images, reports, newspapers and other documents in electronic format. Some of the databases contain full text resources while others may contain indexes, abstracts, bibliographies, and citations etc.

ETDs (Digital Repository)

PSU Library has made available the electronic theses which are digital versions of theses submitted to Prince Sultan University. Theses can be searched at Dspace by author, subject or date.

Downloaded E-Books

In PSU Central Library, there are around 4000 e-books downloaded from open access sources. Some of the books are subject specific while others are inter-disciplinary. For easy retrieval and access, the books can be searched using Central Library’s online catalogue (OPAC).

Audiovisual Material

At PSU Central Library audiovisual material includes compact discs, DVDs, audio and videodiscs, and interactive media. PSU CL has a separate place to display AVs. Audio/Video material cannot be issued using self-check machine. Circulation of this material is handled manually by Systems Librarian.