Graduate Attributes/Institutional Learning Outcomes

Graduate Attributes/Institutional Learning Outcomes NQF Framework
   GA1/ILO1      Knowledgeable: Our graduates demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of their academic studies through general education and their areas of specializations.    
Knowledge & Understanding   
GA2/ILO2 Critical Thinkers: Our graduates are curious, reflective, and critical. Able to analyze the world to solve problems creatively using innovative solutions. Skills
   GA3/ILO3     Leaders: Our graduates display and promote lifelong learning and seek to contribute to society. They have integrity, are prepped with entrepreneurship skills, open to ideas, and foster sustainable and accommodating practices.    
GA4/ILO4 Communicators & Team Players: Our graduates articulate ideas clearly to others in both oral and written forms, and know how to effectively work with others and in teams to accomplish a goal.
Digital Natives: Our graduates develop digital literacy skills and demonstrate proficiency encompassing a wide range of technological tools and strategies that enhances their ability to solve problems and resiliency.    
GA6/ILO6  Socially Responsible & Ethical: Our graduates act responsibly in personal and professional relationships by engaging in the intellectual life of the university and as a member of the community in an ethical manner that reflects high moral standards.