Sultan Leaders

In the Deanship of Student Affairs’ continuous efforts to enhance and enrich students' skills and support and motivate their participation in extracurricular activities; the "Sultan Leaders Award" was launched.

Who are the Sultan Leaders?

Sultan's Leaders are a group of students who have proven their ability to succeed and excel through their achievements in student activities and the effective initiatives they have undertaken at Prince Sultan University. Sultan Leaders (representing less than 5% of the total graduates of each batch).

About the Award

This award was established as a means of additional support from the Deanship of Student Affairs for the initiative of the students Faisal bin Ayed Al-Tamimi and Seba Alhabdan to launch an award that supports students participating in student activities. This award is a motivation for students participating in student activities and an incentive to promote volunteer work, participation in extra-curricular activities, and representation of the university in local and international forums. The award also aims to highlight innovative students. This competition will also motivate other students to discover and develop their skills and work to highlight them.

  • Announcement of the date of the ceremony along with gifts distribution will be announced each semester
  • You can apply to receive the award here: