About the College

About College of Business Administration (CBA)

PSU established the College of Business Administration (CBA) in order to play an important role in developing human capital for the Kingdom’s fast‐growing business and service sectors.

This enterprise started in 1999 with the development of a well‐structured undergraduate program in business. Since then, graduates of the business undergraduate program have made their marks in the Saudi Arabian and regional business sectors; and today PSU is looked to as the supplier of effective bilingual business graduates. To build on the success achieved in the undergraduate programs, the CBA launched its Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in 2007. It is designed to train men and women for leadership positions in the private and public business sectors. The college follows state-of-the discipline curricula for all its programs.

The curriculum development process followed by the college takes into account the needs of the local business community, the interdisciplinary nature of business studies, and the ever-changing developments in each subject area. The process involves collection and review of curriculum related data from faculty, feedback from stakeholders including the local business community, and other benchmarking information. For example, in preparing the undergraduate curriculum, the contents and structures of the business programs of three universities in Saudi Arabia and twenty U.S. business schools were reviewed. The reviewed US schools include the top ten undergraduate business programs in the U.S. as reported by “US News & World Report” and ten other second-tier undergraduate business programs.

The College of Business Administration (CBA) at PSU currently offers four (4) undergraduate degree programs: Accounting, Aviation Management, Finance, and Marketing. These programs are designed to enable graduates to meet and respond proactively to the local and international business environments that are fast changing, complex, global, and diverse. The degree programs expose students to the breadth of business knowledge, scientific tools and techniques, and support services.

The Accounting, Finance and Marketing, programs were developed taking into account the needs of the local community, the interdisciplinary nature of the subjects, and the ever changing nature of the development in these fields. The rigor of AACSB standards together with two bench marking exercises guided and informed the crafting of the curriculums of these degree programs. CBA faculty examined the content and structure of the business colleges at three exemplary Saudi universities before turning their attention to the content and design of the top American undergraduate business programs.

The Aviation Management program, launched in Fall of 2011, is representative of the CBA ability to respond to community needs and job market demands. Saudi Arabia has set course to develop its transportation system to facilitate business, travel and tourism in the nation and the air transport industry is the key link in this drive hence the CBA responded to this situation and partnered with the preeminent international school in aviation, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, in fashioning the curriculum for AVM program.

In brief, the CBA's four undergraduate programs are well constructed to enable student acquisition of the knowledge needed and the professional skills demanded in their respective fields. Lastly, these programs are guided by the following vision and mission of the CBA.


To be a hallmark of excellence and innovation in business education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our mission is to create an innovative academic environment to promote excellence in business education, research, and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through a commitment to quality and continuous improvement, in accordance with international standards.