What is the Teaching and Learning Strategy of PSU?
The Teaching and Learning Strategy (TLS) is supported and guided by the mission of Prince Sultan University, which is: “Prince Sultan University aims to provide the Middle East with a quality education to the highest international standards. In its efforts towards a successful and responsible life-long learning, PSU integrates modern technology, pedagogy, and human values for the advancement of scientific research, productivity, and leadership towards a more meaningful social life. PSU is committed to the effective management of institutional resources to optimize its multiple roles as a catalyst for new learning opportunities, national and international partnerships, continuous studies, professional growth, community service, and diversity in educational horizons for the good of humanity.” The goal of the Teaching and Learning Strategy is to reflect the University’s mission and core values. It also aims to reflect PSU’s strive for excellence in teaching and learning. This strategy seeks to ensure the quality of teaching offered at PSU, to continuously enhance it, and to amend it where appropriate. This should lead to enhancing the students’ satisfaction and overall experience. The strategy will be implemented by the Teaching and Learning Center, which reports directly to the Vice Rector of Quality Assurance. The strategy will be periodically reviewed and, if needed, updated by the Teaching and Learning Center. Aims of the University Teaching and Learning Strategy:
  1. To provide students with adequate and effective mechanisms for enhancing student learning. This will be achieved by meeting the needs and interests of the learners and by ensuring excellence
  2. To periodically review the University’s teaching and learning policies and regulations to ensure that they achieve the intended goals.
  3. To periodically review the University’s teaching, learning, and assessment activities to ensure its suitability to achieve its goals.
  4. To provide faculty members and staff with collegial support through providing different professional development opportunities, and through supporting innovative practices.
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