TAC's Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services provided by TAC?
  1. Translation and interpretation services for PSU and the public.
  2. Grants for authorship and translation for PSU faculty members.
  3. Workshops and training courses for PSU and the public.
  4. Specialized training in translation for PSU students.
  5. Coop training for undergraduate for none PSU students.
  6. The translation President’s Award for PSU faculty and students.
  7. Arabic and English editing and proof-reading services.
Who are your clients?
We provide translation and interpretation services for PSU administrative offices and colleges and for the community.
How much do you charge per page for translation for the community?
All translation requests inside the university is free of charge based on the needs of the departments. We charge reasonable prices for translation requests from the community based on the type of translation or editing required. The charge is decided after the assessment of the sample.
How can I apply for a translation request at TAC?
PSU offices and Departments: through PSU support ticketing system. For external parties: kindly email your request and required documents to and we will provide you with an estimate of time and cost along with a translation request form that needs to be filled and signed to start translating.
How long will it take for my documents to be translated?
The time we take to translate your documents will depend on the project size, document complexity and urgency of the request. As every request is different, we invite you to contact us to discuss your individual needs if any. We’ll always do our best to meet the deadlines.
What are the grants offered by TAC and when?
We offer grants for authorship and translation for faculty members once every academic year. A call for participation is sent via email and announcements are published in the university website. Applications are received via e-mail; all applications go through rigorous refereeing process.
Where can I find the bylaws?
Bylaws for grants are on TAC’s website
Do I have to pre-register for the workshops in advance?
Yes, we usually have big numbers of attendees and most of the workshops have limited seats.
Who are the speakers in these workshops?
Prince Sultan University invites speakers from inside and outside the university.
Will I receive a certificate of attendance?
Yes. Participants receive an electronic stamped certificate via e-mail that states the number of hours attended.
Is attendance restricted to PSU affiliates (staff and students) or open to the public?
The Center organizes some workshops that are limited to the university affiliates, and other workshops are open to the public.
Are the workshops free?
Most of the workshops are free of charge. Reduced fees are applied in some specialized courses. Fees are determined by Prince Sultan University.
Do you offer co-op training for translation students from different universities, and what are the requirements?
Yes. As for the requirements, the applicant is required to have her university’s training department approval, and she should pass TAC’s translation test (written and oral) as well as pass the interview.
How do I apply for the co-op training at TAC?
The applicant should send her resume to: or If the applicant is qualified and meets our criteria, she will be contacted for the test and the interview.
What qualifies me to earn a co-op training position at TAC?
The seats are limited, so the priority will be given to higher GPAs.
How do I apply for TAC’s translation training program?
The translation training program is limited to PSU translation students only. The applicant should check the registration dates announced on TAC’s Twitter page @TACPSU which are usually posted at the beginning of each academic semester.
What are the requirements to apply for the translation training program?
The applicant should be a PSU translation student, she should present a transcript proving her GPA, and the number of years of studying translation. As seats are limited priority will be given to early registration and higher GPAs. To earn a certificate, the applicant should complete a minimum of 20 hours of training per semester.
How can I participate in the Inter-university Translation Competition?
The Inter-university Translation Competition is conducted once a year during the second term for male and female undergraduate students only. Invitations are sent to all Translation Colleges in KSA and the Gulf area. Students cannot participate individually. They must participate through the colleges as official representatives from their universities.
Who can participate in the Translation Exhibition?
Universities and other institutions that are interested in languages and translation fields from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf area.
How many exhibits can participate in the Translation Exhibition?
It varies every year depending on the interest of the exhibitors.
What is to be included in the exhibit?
Universities exhibit their translation work, students’ translation projects, dubbed clips, magazines, activities of translation clubs, etc.

Translation centers display books and provides information about its training programs, career opportunities, and cultural activities to exhibition visitors.
Who can attend the Translation Competition Exhibition?
The exhibition is open to the public and all those who are interested in the field of translation are invited.