"International Week of Happiness at Work" celebrated at PSU by the Jubilation office

20-27th September 2020

The Jubilation office at PSU wishes everyone a very joyful "International Week of Happiness at Work".

Happiness is a critical factor for work, and work is a critical factor for happiness. Therefore, to spread positivity and happiness at the critical time of COVID-19, the Jubilation office will be undertaking several initiatives. It is said that happy people are more productive, optimistic and live longer.

On the occasion of "International Week of Happiness at Work" lets take a pledge to create more happiness in the world and adopt happyism.


International Happiness Week

As part of the celebration of the International Happiness Week, Jubilation Office posted encouragement and inspirational notes on the cars. Employee said that this was a sweet gesture and it made them smile after a long day at work.

International Week of Happiness at Work encouragements and notes