Prince Sultan University Develops Quality Academic Programs

​In contribution to prepare national cadres in order to keep pace with the aspirations and objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, Prince Sultan University developed quality academic programs in Communications, Information Technology and Cybersecurity. In his statement at the beginning of the admission period for the year 2019, Dr. Ahmed Alyamani, Rector of Prince Sultan University stated that this step has been taken to cope with the increasing reliance on computing in both public and private sectors in the light of Saudi Vision 2030. He also said that these programs are taught by an outstanding cadre who obtained high academic degrees from worldwide prestigious universities. Dr. Alyamani stressed that PSU developed a number of academic programs such as the Bachelor in Electrical, Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Masters in Cybersecurity in order to realize this goal. Furthermore, Dr. Alyamani discussed the reasons for the remarkable level of PSU's programs. One of these reasons is the academic connections that PSU made with various prestigious universities from around the world. These connections facilitate scientific knowledge exchange, and pave the way for hosting faculty members from around the world. Dr. Alyamani added that since its establishment, PSU has adopted this approach. This enabled the university to produce qualified students who managed to prove their excellence in the labor market, and earn leadership positions that make PSU proud. He pointed out that 80% of the graduates of PSU usually receive jobs offers during the coop program before their actual graduation.