Tuitions & Fees

Tuition fees are paid in two installments per year at the beginning of each semester. The tuition fees do not cover textbooks. The fees cover person to person, blended or virtual services provided by Prince Sultan University. The fees are payable at the beginning of each semester. To withdraw from the University, the student has to submit a written withdrawal request to the Deanship of Admission and Registration before the beginning of the semester, in order to avoid any financial obligations for that particular semester. It should be noted that students who fail to report to the University for registration and payment of tuition fees at the announced time will have their admission canceled.

Tuition Fees per Hour of Instruction for Students

The table below summarizes the tuition hour fees for students who will join the University:

Scientific Degree Program Fees
Bachelor All programs SAR / hour 2,200
Summer semester SAR / hour 2,500
Masters All programs SAR / hour 5,000
Foundation courses SAR / hour 3,000
  • For non-Saudi students, value-added VAT (15%) is added.
  • Sibling discount is applied to undergraduate students (Bachelor).

Payment Methods

  • Cashier’s check

Biller code (Prince Sultan University)


Account/Bill number

University ID number


remove the (0 SR) and write your fee amount

  • Bank Deposit


The Saudi National Bank - SNB

Account Number


IBAN Number


Submit payment receipt to: