1445 H/2023-2024 G First Semester (Term 231)

Day(s) Date Activities / Events
Sun 11 Safar 1445 H Classes begin for the First Semester
27 August 2023 G
Thu 15 Safar Last Day for adding courses- 1:00 PM
31 August
Thu 22 Safar Last Day for dropping one or more course(s) without a permanent record – 1:00 PM
7 September
Sun 9 Rabi I Saudi National Day Holiday
24 September
Thu 18 Rabi II Extended Weekend Holiday
2 November
Sun 21 Rabi II Last day for dropping one or more course(s) with a grade of "W" – 1:00 PM
5 November
Wed 24 Rabi II Last day for dropping the semester with a grade of "W" - 1:00 PM
8 November
Thu 2 Jumada I Beginning of the Mid-Semester Break (at the end of the day) - only for students
16 November
Sun 12 Jumada I Classes resume after the Mid-Semester break
26 November
Thu 1 Jumada II Last Day of Classes
14 December
Sat 3 Jumada II Final examinations begin
16 December
Sun 4 Jumada II Extended Weekend Holiday
17 December
Sat 17 Jumada II Final examinations end
30 December
Mon 19 Jumada II The last day for faculty to submit grades including the COOP grades (1:00 PM)
1 January 2024
Sun 2 Rajab Classes begin for the Second Semester - Term (232)
14 January

Note: Dates are subject to change without a prior notice.