Guidelines for Returning to School - First Semester of 2020/2021

With the aim of providing a high quality education, and in line with the decision of His Excellency the Minister of Education regarding the study mechanism for the first semester of the academic year 1442 AH and the guidelines issued by the ministry, Prince Sultan University will start the new academic year according to the following:

  1. Teaching begins at the specified time shown on the university’s website. The dates of add and drop announced on the university’s website are also complied with.
  2. The academic advising process continues remotely through the electronic portal and under the supervision of the University’s Academic Supervision Center.
  3. The attendance and absence policy will be adhered to whether the courses are taught remotely or on campus.
  4. The precautionary measures announced by the university must be adhered to by all university employees, and by students whose registered courses require them to physically attend the campus.
  5. Teaching will be remote for most of the theoretical subjects, but will be conducted on campus for most of the practical subjects.
  6. Each college will announce on its website its courses taught on campus.
  7. The timing of the courses taught on campus will be by agreement between teachers and students, while the timing of courses taught remotely will be as shown in the academic schedule for the first semester.
  8. The exams for all courses will be on campus, whether the teaching is on campus or remote.
  9. The score for semester work for all subjects is 60%, while the final exam score is 40%. Exceptions are for cooperative training courses, and any other course for which another grade distribution has been approved by the university.
  10. The university will continue to work based on the above guidelines, and will continue to evaluate the developments related to Corona pandemic, or whatever directions, instructions and decisions are announced by the authorities. The university will take into consideration any new developments.