The College of Law holds an open meeting with its male and female students

For the third year in a row, In the presence of its new dean
The College of Law holds an open meeting with its male and female students

The college of law held an open meeting for the third year in a row with the college's male and female students in an effort to strengthen the relationship between the College Deanship, faculty members and the students. The college is keen to provide channels of communication that contributes to identify the college’s current and future plans and projects, know the aspirations and desires of students, and listen to their ideas and observations, which contributes to improve the college’s outcomes and maintaining its leadership among law colleges in the Kingdom.

The meeting was held in the preparatory year building theater and enjoyed presence of large number of male and female students. It started with an opening speech by Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Tuwaijri, the new Dean of College of Law, in which he welcomed the students, expressed his pleasure to be a prat of the college, and was pleased to listen to them in their first meeting after his appointment as dean of the college.

Dr. Al-Tuwaijri said that he is proud of the students and is keen, God willing, to create an-added-value of them in the labor market. He also expressed his hope to create more than thirty initiatives, all of which will serve the vision and objectives of the university and college. He also talked about his plans to enhance the college’s positive image, supervise current and future projects of the college, and expand job market opportunities for college students.

Dr. Al-Tuwaijri discussed the criteria to attract and select faculty members to develop the university’s outputs. He also talked about the latest partnerships and agreements between the college and external parties, whether for cooperative training or direct employment purposes.

After that, the dean answered the students' questions and at the end of the meeting, he gave two advice to the students: First, Do not hide your ideas, and second, take advantage of everything that the College offers to you.