Saudi Broadcasting Authority Field Trip

The Communications and Networks Department (CNE) students visited the Saudi Radio and Television Authority under the supervision of two faculty members, Dr. Walid Dyab and Dr. Mourad Rizk. The visit aims to provide the students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the work environment of the Radio and Television Authority and its stations and to fill the gap between the academic studies and the work field. After that, the authority’s officials took the CNE students on a tour to get acquainted with its stations, namely: the short-wave station and the medium-wave station, with a detailed explanation of how these stations work and an explanation of the most important elements of the system, how the transmission takes place, the selection of the program, the selection of the transmitter, and the selection of the appropriate antenna for transmission. It is worth mentioning that the Saudi Radio and Television Corporation is a Saudi government body that enjoys legal personality and financial independence affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Information. It has several governmental and official channels, between television and radio, which are Saudi channel, SBC channel, memories channel, news channel, Saudi sports channels, the Noble Qur’an channel, the Prophet’s Sunnah channel, and among the radio stations are the Holy Quran Radio, Jeddah Radio, Riyadh Radio, Nidaa Al-Islam Radio, and Saudi Radio Radio and Saudi International Radios.