A Delegation of the College of Law Students at Prince Sultan University Visits the Administrative Court in Riyadh

On Thursday, November 3rd 2022, a delegation of the College of Law students at Prince Sultan University visited the Administrative Court in Riyadh. This visit represents the openness of the college on its surroundings, especially judicial institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, it was made to enhance the knowledge aspect of the students enrolled in the administrative judiciary course, by enabling them to observe directly the progress of work of the courts of the Board of Grievances.

In the beginning, the students were received by the media and public relations officials at the Board of Grievances before they were directed to the Lawsuits Department. The students were provided with a detailed explanation of the department, its tasks and related departments, which is represented by public Service Department that receives public inquires related to all cases and lawsuits. Also, Registration Department, which is specialized in receiving and restricting lawsuits. Then, Judgment Delivery Section, and Lawsuits Preservation Section.

At the end of the visit, the students were received by His Eminence Sheikh Abdullah bin Saad Al-Saber, President of the Administrative Court in Riyadh, who gave the students an overview of the functions of the Board of Grievances and the most prominent work carried out by the Administrative Courts in the Bureau’s working system, in addition to answering their questions and inquiries regarding the judicial work.