PSU-CCIS’ Software Engineering Program Receives ABET-EAC Accreditation

Prince Sultan University (PSU), a leading institution for higher education in Saudi Arabia, has achieved a significant milestone in its academic offerings. The Software Engineering Program under the College of Computer and Information Sciences (CCIS) at PSU has recently been granted accreditation by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology - Engineering Accreditation Commission (ABET-EAC). This prestigious accreditation solidifies PSU's commitment to providing high-quality education and ensures that the Software Engineering Program meets international standards of excellence. The accreditation serves as a testament to the university's dedication to producing highly skilled and competent software engineers who can contribute significantly to the rapidly evolving field of technology.

The ABET-EAC is a globally recognized organization responsible for evaluating and accrediting engineering and technology programs worldwide. ABET accreditation is highly regarded in the academic community and is a benchmark for program quality and excellence. The accreditation process involves a comprehensive review of the program's curriculum, faculty qualifications, student outcomes, and facilities. Achieving ABET accreditation signifies that the program meets rigorous standards set by industry professionals and academic experts.

The accreditation of PSU-CCIS' Software Engineering Program by ABET brings numerous benefits to the university, its students, and the wider community. Some key advantages include:

  • Quality Education
  • Enhanced Academic Reputation
  • Global Recognition and Mobility
  • Industry Alignment
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Career Opportunities

The accreditation of PSU-CCIS’ Software Engineering Program by the ABET-EAC is a significant achievement that reflects the university's commitment to excellence in education. This accreditation not only validates the quality of the program but also enhances the reputation of PSU and its graduates. It ensures that students receive a rigorous and up-to-date education, preparing them for successful careers in the dynamic field of software engineering. The ABET accreditation serves as a testament to PSU's dedication to providing the highest standards of education and highlights its position as a leading institution in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

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