PSU participates in Jessup C. Philip International competition.

The College of Law at Prince Sultan University made a significant mark at the Jessup C. Philip International Law competition held in Washington, DC. The 2023 edition witnessed the participation of nearly 600 teams from over 100 jurisdictions, where the PSU Jessup team skillfully represented the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Guided by a distinguished coaching panel consisting of Dr. Enis Omerovic (Associate Professor), Dr. Mahmud Zuhdi (Associate Professor), and Dr. Yusra Al-Shanqityi (Assistant Professor), the team comprised talented individuals: Bnah Alarifi, Hussian Imad Aldeen, and Seba Alfuraih.

The competition spanned from April 8th to 15th, 2023, featuring a multifaceted set of legal issues. The participants adeptly assumed the roles of applicants and respondents, navigating complex scenarios including the interpretation of a peace treaty, the legality of deadly attacks in allegedly occupied territory, treatment of prisoners in armed conflict, legality of unilateral economic sanctions per international law, and the obligations of states in managing and exporting hazardous plastic waste. The team also delved into issues of admissibility and standing in three of the aforementioned areas.

The preparation journey for the PSU Jessup team was a meticulous and comprehensive process spanning eight months. The two crucial stages included rigorous research and focused writing. The research stage aimed to hone the students' skills in conducting legal research, covering Public International Law, International Criminal Law, International Environmental Law, and International Humanitarian Law. The subsequent writing stage emphasized the development of their legal writing skills, a vital component in the competitive arena.

By January 17th, the team had submitted their well-crafted legal memorandum, marking the culmination of months of dedicated effort. Following this, the students engaged in intense oral training sessions in readiness for the oral pleading stage, which unfolded at the prestigious Hyatt Regency Hotel in Washington DC.

The PSU College of Law's exemplary performance in the Jessup 2023 competition not only showcases the institution's commitment to legal education but also underscores the exceptional talents and capabilities of its students and faculty. This achievement reinforces PSU's standing as a formidable force in the realm of international law competitions.