The Smart Systems Engineering Laboratory completes a training course in Arduino programming

The Smart Systems Engineering Laboratory (SSEL) in the Electrical Engineering Program at the College of Engineering at Prince Sultan University held a two-day training workshop for students presented by Dr. Halim Farman, a researcher in the SSEL Laboratory. The hands-on training aims to impart practical skills to the students who can start building their prototypes. Around 25 college students, including 15 females, participated in the hands-on training. In this workshop, participants learned about the basics of Arduino, microcontroller, installation, and configuration of Arduino, conditional statements, digital and analog inputs, and some small projects such as reading room temperature, checking water level using water sensor, and object detection using Ultrasonic sensor, enabling students to build prototypes. At the end of the workshop, the students praised its scientific depth and the added programming and practical capabilities, expressing enthusiasm for future workshops.