Smart Systems Engineering Lab (SSEL) organized Three days’ Workshop “HANDS-ON TRAINING USING ARDUINO”

The Smart Systems Engineering Lab (SSEL) in the department of communications and networks engineering, successfully presented the certified three-day workshop. The goal of this workshop was to familiarize students with developing smart electronic projects through hands-on training using the Arduino. A total of 15 students were involved in the workshop. Students were effectively educated in developing practical experiments using the Arduino by Dr. Maged A. Esmail and Engr. Asif Mahmood. On the first day of the workshop, "Introduction to the Arduino" and the equipment used in the experiments were presented. On the same day, the traffic light system experiment was implemented. On the second day, the ultrasonic sensor, Arduino UNO, and 16*2 LCD screen were used to carry out the experiment, which involved measuring the distances of objects wirelessly. On the third day of the workshop, the solar panel tracking system was implemented. The platform that has been implemented can track light intensity and move in the direction where the light intensity is higher. The knowledge gained from this training will make the students familiar with real-time smart systems, such as building automation projects, in both academia and industry. Thanks to our lab leader, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Marey, and other members, Dr. Moustafa M. Nasralla and Dr. Maged A. Esmail, for their efforts to organize this workshop.