A workshop on “Cisco Packet Tracer and Wireshark” for PSU students by CME & Smart Systems Engineering Lab

 On March 30th and 31st, 2022, the Communications and Networks Department & the Smart Systems Engineering Lab (SSEL) from the College of Engineering organized a workshop on Cisco Packet Tracer and Wireshark software. This workshop was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Moustafa Nasralla, a specialist in communications and networks. It was also facilitated by Engr. Muhammad Abbasi and Engr. Sohaib Bin Altaf Khattak.

This workshop, held at the Prince Sultan University, saw the participation of around twenty students from different departments, who found the program’s content useful for their academics while equipping them with the latest technological skills that will be essential for them once they enter their professional life in networking.

The participants were enrolled by Dr. Moustafa Nasralla in a certified course from Cisco Networking Academy. The content of the workshop covered important aspects of networking, devices and protocols, simulating the Internet of Things and smart homes, configuring network devices, assigning IP addresses, troubleshooting networks, and analysing network traffic. The workshop was a combination of theory and practical sessions. The participants were given a chance to apply their skills to the software by building networks from scratch, and the process of obtaining professional certifications was discussed, along with answering their doubts and questions.

After the session, very positive feedback was received from the participants, who encouraged the SSEL to organize more workshops on areas that would be essential for a network engineering professional to meet the demands of the fast-evolving industry. The SSEL team is ready to meet their needs with the next workshops in the series.