Library Facilities

Central Library of Prince Sultan University provides a variety of types of study spaces for students, faculty, and staff. Please see the below-given details.

Silent Study/Carrels

For individual study, libraries have the facility of study carrels. Loud conversation is not permitted. Drink and food are discouraged.

Research/Group Study Rooms

PSU Libraries have research/group study rooms for students, faculty and staff. Food and drink are not allowed in research rooms. Group discussion and conversation is allowed. Research rooms are intended to be used for collaborative group study research and may be booked only for this purpose.

General Seating

Libraries provide facility of open seating with comfortable sofas and chairs along with wooden and glass top (round & rectangle) tables. Loud conversation, drink and food are not allowed.

Computer station

PSU Libraries provide computing facilities to PSU faculty, staff and students. Necessary applications and software are installed on computers. Users can use library computers to search library OPAC and online databases, check LMS and emails, prepare assignments and projects and related tasks.

Printing and Photocopying

By signing in to library computers using PSU username and password, faculty, students and staff can use the printers at libraries. Photocopy facilities are also available for library users. Faculty and students are required to use PSU credentials to use the photocopy machines.


Free self-service scanning facility is available at PSU Libraries. Scanned documents can be emailed or saved on USB drives. Users are requested to follow local and international copyright laws.


Users are able to connect their mobile phones, laptops, iPads and other handheld devices with a secure high speed Wi-Fi connection inside the library during the opening hours.


To use the audio visual material inside the library, users can use headphones. Connected to the computer stations.


iPads are provided for limited time to ensure that all the interested students get a chance to borrow with required and popular applications.

Laptop computer/calculator (CL - CW only)

Student, faculty and staff can borrow the library loanable technology such as laptop computer and calculator during the opening hours. Valid PSU ID card and signing of the borrowing agreement are required before the checkout of the electronic item from the library.

Library Online Survey (CL - CW only)

This is a self-assessment device that has been installed inside the Library. Student, faculty and staff can participate in assessment of the library services through this online survey service. The Library Survey via the electronic questionnaire system measures the satisfaction of library users regarding the library operations on a daily basis. Feedbacks on the library collections, services and facilities from users are highly appreciated in the hopes of improvement of library operations.