College of Engineering for both Male and Female is Preparing to Participate in Shell Eco-Marathon 2020 with Two Cars after the Success of the First Attempt with “Vision” Car

College of Engineering for both male and female is preparing to participate in Shell Eco-Marathon 2020 with two cars after the first attempt's success with “Vision" car. Dr. Abdulhakim bin Abdulrahman Almajid, College of Engineering's Dean, stated during the PYP orientation meeting with the Faculty members and the university's PYP students, in which he discussed the college of engineering's (male/female) participation plan for this year's competition. He opened by greeting the attendees and commending the university's efforts, represented by its higher management and students, in the first honorable participation that enabled them to put PSU's name in the honor roll of the universities that completed the marathon, despite the university's first participation. He then announced the preparation for the next participation with the “urban" car, in addition to developing the existing car so PSU can participate using two different cars. He made it clear that this year's participation is to compete, not just to participate, and finally wished success for the participants in the upcoming competition. After that, Dr. Bandar bin Abdulrahman Alkhayyal, the Academic Supervisor of the team, discussed the competition's process and the results of the previous participation in details, as he commended the positive outcomes achieved by the students and their success in making an honorable presence that is appropriate to PSU's status in its first participation. He meanwhile displayed Shell International Company's gratitude to PSU participants. Furthermore, he discussed the work plan for the upcoming competition in 2020, pointing out that the college will participate using two cars this year. One of these cars will be an updated version of the “Vision" car, in addition to designing and manufacturing another car's body in the Manufacturing and Designing Lab in the female department of the Engineering College, under Dr. Alkhayyal's supervision. He also mentioned that they increased the participants' acceptance range to include all PSU, in order to exchange knowledge in all fields and avoid previous mistakes. He concluded by thanking the university's management on their financial and moral support during the past participation.