To Mark “Year of Zayed’’ with Participation of 300 Exhibitors, University President Honors First Place Winners of Light.ication V3.0

Dr. Ahmed bin Saleh Yamani, President of PSU, honored the female Interior Design students who won the first place in the 13th Light.ication Competition which was held within the Light Middle East event for the year 2018 at Zayed University in Dubai. The competition was held during the period from 23rd to 25th of September. 300 exhibitors participated in the competition. The ceremony was honored by the presence of the Vice President of women’s campus, Dr. Rimah Al- Yahya, and the chairperson of the Engineering and Interior Design department, Dr. Rehab A. Aburas. The winning team of the international competition included students from the Interior Design Engineering department, two faculty members and two consultants. The names of the awardees are: Shaimaa Al Washmy, Shaimaa Al Ghelany, Sarah Al Sawy, Amjad Al Taylan, Nada Tabaa, Rahaf Al khames, Haifaa Al Hukair, Yara Al Abdulkareem, Nojoud Al Dkheel, Lama Al Abdulatef, Kawthar Nabhan. The faculty members are: Dr. Goze Bayram and Ms. Alyah Al Salem. The consultants are: the light designer Mr. Abdulaziz Al Adim and the architect Mr. Khalid Al Tassan. The title of the competition, Light. Ication, was derived from the idea of light design through education. The competition was with the participation of the university students, architects and light designers. The organizers used (The Year of Zaye) as a name for the exhibition that accompanied the competition. The university President, Dr. Ahmed Al Yamani, commended this achievement by saying that the participation of the Interior Design students in the competition did not only motivate the winners themselves but also the university. He added that the university is eager to provide its male and female students with the opportunities to participate in regional and international competitions in order to open the door for gaining experiences from specialists and professionals in different areas, especially in the areas that depend on the practical aspects like architecture and interior design. The Vice President of women’s campus, Dr. Rimah Al- Yahya, also spoke in the ceremony. She expressed her happiness for her students’ great achievement because they won a competition that was at the university level. She stated that this achievement is a proof that PSU students have the ability to participate in international competitions and that it is the higher management duty to provide the students with the support, encouragement, and trust in any activity they want to participate in whether it is a charity work, a social work or an international competition. Then she said that PSU students are capable of anything and they have the sufficient knowledge that makes us proud.