Compliance Office

Every institution follows certain rules and regulations in order for it to function successfully.

PSU Compliance Office ensures the institution functions in a legal and ethical manner while meeting its institutional goals. The office is also responsible for developing compliance programs, reviewing the institutional policies, and advising the management on the possible risks.


Our commitment to acting with integrity in all situations is crucial for us as PSU Compliance Officer and PSU Compliance office to guarantee the trust of the PSU community, the stakeholders, and the society in general.

As we continue to grow, we must all take an active role in preserving Prince Sultan University's reputation as one of the best private universities in Saudi Arabia.

Today more than ever, building a sustainable trust with the management, faculty, students, and staff is important to the success and the competitiveness of Prince Sultan University. The responsibility for ethical and professional behavior must be taken seriously by all at every level of our institution. All of us are committed to uphold and maintain our institution’s reputation to sustain the PSU community and stakeholders’ trust.

The appointment of PSU Compliance Officer and later a compliance Committee is within the continuous efforts of PSU to build a strong compliance program, which includes creating and maintaining a healthy and ethical environment for students, faculty, and staff by ensuring the efficient use of the University resources; and improving performance efficiency.

Decision-making in the different cases that may be submitted to the compliance officer and the compliance committee is not always an easy path. It requires the use of wise and learned judgments to evaluate situations and associated risks. Doing the right thing and recommending the right decision requires balance, fairness, and objectivity

I welcome your feedback and suggestions and invite you to share any comments you may have about policies and processes.

I also encourage any faculty, student, and administrative staff to report his/her concerns about non-compliance with the policies, rules, and regulations. All information submitted is treated confidentially.

The reports of compliance breaches are investigated thoroughly; however, the outcomes of specific investigated complaints are not disclosed.

I encourage everyone to engage with the compliance office to seek advice or solution for any problem they may encounter.

Dr. Emna Chikhaoui

PSU Compliance Officer


  • Dr. Emna Chikhaoui, PSU Compliance Officer/Vice Dean, CL
  • Ms. Huda Alyemni, Compliance Committee Coordinator/Coordinator, HRO - CW
  • Dr. Jolly Sahni, Member/Director, Jubilation Office
  • Ms. Roohi Jan, Member/Director, QAC - CW
  • Mr. Victor Mendoza, Member/Director, EAAC - MC
  • Mr. Shabir Hussain, Member/Associate Director, TLC
  • Mr. Bryan Morales, Member/Assistant Director, EAAC - MC
  • Mr. Mujahid Latif, Member/Coordinator, Recruitment Office